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rural brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America and fifth on the world.

Rural Brazil that means, when it comes to geographical area and population, Brazil is surely big time. But in every country, there’s something really captive in it. So what makes Brazil so special compared to other nations? It’s their vast tropical forest (the Amazon, will be discussed more on later), home of rare and unique species found somewhere in Rural Brazil. And by rare and unique, they cater wide range of different bird species plus they also cater their smile of happy people even with some poverty problems.

The Origin of Brazil’s official Name.




Has been called by many names; Land of the Holy Cross, Land of Brazil, Land of Parrots or Land of the Palm Trees. But the word “Brazil” itself is actually comes from Brazilwood, a tree that once grew bountifully along the Brazilian coast. The Brazilwood produces a deep red dye which was highly valued by the European cloth industry and was the earliest commercially-exploited product from Brazil. Though Brazil now is the nation’s official name, it has been that in original Portuguese record, the official name of the land is Terra da Santa Cruz” or the Land of Promise.

Rural Travel in Brazil.

When you travel to Brazil, be prepared to be amazed by their white sand beaches, blue cleared sea, tropical forest and just about everything you can imagine in a naturist type of nation. When it comes to Rural Brazil, feel their adventure through exploring their secret rivers and their fun festivities. Also, enjoy their cuisine that is different from each region and their cultures and traditions which is among the most unique of the world. As we go on, you’ll know about anything you should know on Rural Travel Brazil.

Rural Poverty in Brazil.

In recent years, Brazil has succeeded in significantly reducing its poverty rate both in rural and urban areas, thanks to its impressive economic growth and increased political focus on poverty. Approximately 40 million Brazilians have been able to step out of poverty and join the middle classes over the past decade. But, although Brazil is a middle-income country and a major industrial power in the region, hardship and huge income inequalities still remain widespread in parts of the country. Because of this, with so complications, Brazilians remain to be a Happy People.