Brazil is the largest state in Latin America and its tourist center. It is an exotic, remarkable, and amazing country, which makes it distinctively attractive than any other place in the world. You will surely agree to these statements once you travel Brazil and witness everything in a first-hand information situation.


When you get to tour Brazil, you will be intriguingly charmed by the harmonic neighborhood of high mountains and tropic forests, charming beaches, jungles and megapolises, waterfalls and calm ocean bays.

Contrary to worldwide thinking, Brazil is famous not only due to coffee, rubber slippers (Havainas), football, and samba. The fact is, there are lots of other amazing and charming things to discover in Brazil and for this you should know at least a little bit from the history of Brazil and maybe learn Spanish.

The country with various kinds of traditional populations–including rubber tappers, Brazil nut collectors, caboclos and other traditional riverine dwellers, small fishermen, is so popular and attractive tourist destination. People traveling to Brazil have an opportunity not only to visit best places, enjoy fascinating sight-seeings and attractions, but also spend an unforgettable time on its world class beaches such as Rio de Janeiro beaches, Ipanema and Angra dos Reis beach.

Huge DomainsHere you won’t fall in a monotonous pitfall of just collecting sunburn on its white sand and in its crystal clean blue water, but experience exciting adventures as well such as surfing, windsurfing, diving and other water sports and recreation. Great opportunities await the outdoors lovers as well. You will enjoy the adventures in trekking as you appreciate the country’s breathtaking landscapes. You will also be in ecstasy as you try hang-gliding, hiking, and climbing.